Delight your Visitors.

Visitor system as it should be.

Simple. Welcoming. Secure.

visitor access system

Replace decades old paper based visitor entry system with Vistas . The simple, self-service visitor entry system will wow your visitors the moment they step into your office. Great visitor experience guaranteed!

Visitor entry made simple.

Seamless. Organised. Quick.

With just a few taps, visitors can quickly sign-in with ease. The security manager can control who can receive visitors to keep the premises secure.

visitor access visitor management systems visitor management system

Hosts notified automatically.

Email and Text Messages.

visitor management

When visitors sign-in, a pass is printed; an email and SMS notification is sent to the host instantly. The long waits, swelling queues, receptionist unable to get hold of the host will all seem like history.

Respond to emergencies in a click.

We take safety very seriously.

With just one click, an emergency alert is sent to all the visitors who are most likely not familiar with your emergency procedures. After all, there isn't a better feeling than staying alert and saving lives.

vistas visitor access

Style your visitor pass to your needs.

Logos. Contents. Photos. Dimensions.

Configure pass dimensions.
Configure visitor and host details.
Choose paper or sticker badges.
vistas visitor management
Set Logo.
Capture photo (optional).
Add safety instructions.

Or go completely paperless.

With pre printed visitor passes.

With our pre printed passes designed to your needs, you simply have to scan in and out visitors without ever having to print paper passes or sticker badges. Save on printers, papers and toners. Together, we can save our planet after all.

visitor entry system

Easy deployment.

Our secure cloud or at your premises.

visitor pass

Vistas deployment is swift and easy. It can be deployed on our secure cloud or on a commodity server at your premises. No third party software is needed for accessing Vistas. A humble browser will do. We'd like to keep things simple and pass on the benefits of lower costs to you.

A great system matched with great support.

Direct support by developers.

  • Sign in unlimited visitors.
  • Pre register visitors.
  • Analytics on visitor data.
  • Mac, Tablet or PCs for set-up.
  • Web dashboard for Managers.
  • Single or multi office set up.
  • Sync employees automatically.
  • One click emergency alert.

Exceptional visitor experience.


Uptime Guaranteed

Delighted Visitors

"Delight your visitors.
Don't make it better, make it the best"